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Fixitcasa, based in Raipur (C.G), is a comprehensive home services and repair platform specializing in electronic, electrical, and home appliance services. Our primary goal is to simplify our customers’ lives by providing a diverse range of services tailored to commonly used items such as Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, Water Purifiers, Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen Chimneys, Geysers, LED TVs, Electricians, Water Coolers, Water Dispensers, Ceiling Fans, and more.

At Fixitcasa, we are committed to ensuring the well-repair and maintenance of electronic, electrical, and home appliances. Our core priorities include delivering reliable services, prioritizing safety, respecting privacy, and maintaining punctuality. Every Fixitcasa technician undergoes a thorough background verification process to guarantee the provision of high-quality services. We understand the value of our customers’ time, and therefore, we ensure that our technicians arrive promptly at your home. Alternatively, you can conveniently schedule a technician according to your preferred time.

Emphasizing safety, we meticulously assess the background of each technician before they join our company, ensuring that they are not only skilled but also friendly and well-mannered towards our customers.

Looking ahead, we have strategic plans to expand our services into additional categories in the near future. Fixitcasa remains steadfast in its dedication to providing the highest quality electronic, electrical, and home appliance services. Presently, our services are available exclusively in Raipur (C.G).

what make us Different from other?

In addition to our home services, we also run an exchange program for the electronic, electrical, and home appliances you use at what we do in this?
some time electronic product are unable to repair or if it is able to restored the damage the cost of repair will be become its better to buy new one from us we provide the same product and delivered it to customer home.
Here’s how our exchange offer works suppose a customer has a non-functional ceiling fan. in such cases, instead of repairing it we provide a seamless solution for it.We take the old ceiling fan and, in return, offer a new one with discount price and also deduct some price that you exchange a product from us.





fixitcasa is a home services and repair platfrom




fixitcasa repair expert in all services like fridge, washing machine, ac, microwave, geyser and more


Shedule your time to us our professionals will attend you on your shedule time.


Book your appointment now, technician is available at a doorstep.


fixitcasa expert technician give you to the 100% Satisfaction .


We ensure our technician is arrival on time at your doorstep.


Our expert fixitcasa service is complite a 100% your task while you relax.

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fixitcasa a home service provider