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AC services
fixitcasa is a home services and repair platfrom


AC Servicing

Is your AC due for some attention? fixitcasa’s AC servicing is here to help. Our experts will check and clean your AC, making sure it works well. No more dust or weak cooling. Book our AC servicing today for a fresh and cool home.


AC Repair Services

Is your AC causing trouble, like water leaking, showing errors, or the remote not working? fixitcasa AC repair service is here. Our skilled experts will promptly diagnose and fix these issues, ensuring a cool and comfortable home. Don’t wait; Book our AC repair service for quick relief from AC problems!


AC Reinstallation

Thinking of moving your AC? fixitcasa AC reinstallation service is here to make it easy. Our experts will safely uninstall and reinstall your AC at your new location. No hassle, just cool comfort. Book our AC reinstallation service today!


AC Installation Services

Need a new AC installed? fixitcasa’s AC installation service has got you covered. Our skilled team will set up your AC quickly and professionally. Say goodbye to the sweltering heat and hello to a cool home. Book our AC installation service now!


AC Uninstallation

Time to remove your old AC? fixitcasa’s AC uninstallation service makes it easy. Our experts will take out your AC safely, leaving your place clean. No fuss, just a smooth process. Book our AC uninstallation service today!