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Geyser Repair Service
fixitcasa is a home services and repair platfrom


Electric Geyser Repair Service

Electric geyser is the ideal geyser, you can be sure that its always give you good performance of geyser. If you are facing any kind of problem of geyser like turntable issue, no hot water,poor hot water pressure, so immediate call on this number 7000133242 to resolve your electric geyser problems, you can also book our booking form our professional is at your door steps.


Immersion Rod Heater Repair Service

We understand the need for fast repair of your immersion heater faults. A broken system will leave you completely stuck and unable to properly wash dishes or even shower. We’re committed to solving immersion problems as fast and efficiently as we can, and we strive to ensure a next day call out from the time you call us on 7000133242 and agree the job.


Geyser Installation Services

If you want geyser installation service, just make a frequently one call on 7000133242 and get quick response at your schedule time. Our expert technician they know very well about installation service all brand’s of geyser. And providing you 100% job satisfaction.


Water Leaking

Water leaking is the most common problem of geyser of Water leaking. For resolve the water leaking problem, just a call on 7000133242 and get quick response.Vblue provide you to the low cost price and excellant services at doorstep.