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RO Water Purifier Services
fixitcasa is a home services and repair platfrom


A Noise Drain

If you facing a problem with your water purifier of a noise drain, low water production from RO water purifier so you can immediate contact on 7000133242 our professional is avaliable at your door step at your schedule time.


Slow Flow Water

If you are facing a problem of Water flow is too low from your water purifier so you can immediate call on this number 7000133242 our professional is always ready to help you. vblue expert technician give you to the 100% satisfaction.


Leaking Faucent

Most water filters require the water to be moving through it at a good clip in order for the filtration system to work properly and can not deliver the water to the filter at a high enough pressure, and may need to be replaced.


Turbid Water

If your purifier is not working and gives no response when you switch it on or water flowing into the fresh water tank is very slow. So dont wait to facing problem of water purifier. As you know that our vblue services is provide you good quality of services.


monthly maintenance

we provide monthly maintenance or your ro purifier water which is done by our proffesional very easy just call us on 7000133242 or click on the contact button