Common Reasons that your AC Cooling is ineffective.

  1. Dirty Air Filter: Accumulated dirt and dust in the air filters can impede airflow, affecting the AC system’s cooling efficiency. Regularly clean or replace filters to maintain proper airflow.

  2. Faulty AC Settings: Incorrect temperature settings may result in insufficient cooling. Ensure precise temperature adjustments using the remote control to enhance overall cooling effectiveness.

  3. Blockage in Ductwork: Duct blockages lead to the loss of cool air before it reaches desired areas, causing inefficient cooling. Schedule professional duct inspection to identify and eliminate blockages for improved performance.

  4. Compressor Problems: Malfunctions in the compressor, responsible for pressurizing refrigerant, can result in decreased cooling efficiency. Seek expert assistance to diagnose and address compressor issues promptly.

  5. Lack of Regular Maintenance: Neglecting routine tasks like cleaning coils and checking refrigerant levels can contribute to decreased AC efficiency and poor cooling. Prioritize regular maintenance to ensure optimal system performance.

  6. Electricity Issues: Faulty electrical components, such as capacitors or relays, can disrupt the normal functioning of the AC system, leading to inadequate cooling. Book a skilled technician from Fixitcasa to address and resolve electrical issues for a more reliable cooling experience.


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